Welcome Letter from Head of Primary  

Welcome to RISS. 


Our school philosophy places much emphasis on the importance of relationships. We believe that communication between school and home is focused on developing positive relationships: aimed at celebrating every student as a valued and respected member of our learning community.  Therefore, a strong and trusting relationship between school and home is invaluable in the growth of the child.

As adults we are examples to children, and again through a strong collaboration between home and school we can help build a foundation that will make an impact that lasts a lifetime.

At RISS we have created an approachable and relatable environment for your child. Our team of teachers are dedicated and passionate and you can be assured that your child is in care of an experienced educator.

I look forward to working with you to provide the best education for your child.


Zana Plewniak


I welcome all inquiries to zana@riss.school and look forward to meeting members to our new and exciting school.

+65 69745700


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